Welcome to our Hebrew School

Welcome to Hebrew School! We are so excited to be able to engage your child in Jewish tradition, culture, spirituality and community.

The current moment has brought many new challenges to our lives. As all of us continue to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our goal to provide your child with the best possible after-school Hebrew School program possible while still keeping your child safe.

Our program will teach the traditions, stories, practices, songs and wisdom of Judaism through the prism of the values one needs to cultivate to weather these challenging times. Although adults certainly continue to struggle with the effects of the pandemic, we sometimes forget that children are struggling as well in their own unique way. Temple Sinai desires to be a spiritual home for your children, providing them with a safe and comforting place for them to engage with their tradition and the struggles they face. We believe Judaism and Jewish community helps us to place our challenges within a healthy context in order to help us persevere through hardship.

Our innovative “La-Briut” (to your health) curriculum will be taught 9-11am on Sundays either in-person or on zoom. Students will also learn modern conversational Hebrew digitally through play during the week as well as special digital art and craft sessions for the holidays once a month.

To find out more about our school please contact our Rabbi, R. Marcus Rubenstein either by calling us at 845-343-1861 or email: MRubenstein@TempleSinaiMiddletown.com.

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