Membership Dues

At Temple Sinai, we strive to enable individuals and families to join us and stay with us for generations. We ask our members to contribute financially and by participating in Temple life. Together, we make a commitment to sustain Temple Sinai.
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The Dues Committee members are available to meet with prospective members or existing members to discuss how we can assist in working out financial arrangements to suit your needs.
Call the Temple office, at (845) 343-1861, and speak to our Executive Director to arrange a meeting either in person or by phone with her and or one of the Committee members.
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As a Member, you are required to financially commit to:
• Annual Temple Dues, based on income
• Building Fund Annual Pledge
• Scrip Program Annual Pledge

Annual Temple Dues

Our dues are set by our Congregation based on recommendations of the Dues Committee. The membership approves membership dues at our Congregational meetings. At the present time our dues structure is as follows:

In the year after you become a member, your dues will be set according to the schedule below.

Temple Sinai Dues Structure

Current Yearly Dues

Family Membership
Annual Family Income under $40,000.00: $966 + $38.00 U.S.+ $35 Security Assessment
Annual Family Income $40,001.00 to $80,000.00: $1528 + $38.00 U.S. Dues +$35 Security Assessment
Annual Family Income over $80,000.01: $2,412 + $38.00 U.S. Dues +$35 Security Assessment

Individual Memberships
Annual Individual Income under $40,000.00: $483
Annual Individual Income $40,001.00 to $80,000.00: $ 764
Annual Individual Income over $80,000.01: $1206

Annual Temple Dues

Associate Member

Our Associate Member categories are for past members only that leave the area:
Associate Membership Dues- $161 plus $35 Security Assessment (Temple Correspondence Only, No Burial Rights)

Enhanced Associate Membership-$324 plus $35 Security Assessment entitles member to all Temple Sinai Correspondence and retains

What you have earned as a full member in Cemetery-Funeral benefits.
This is only available to members who move away from the area and have already been a member at Temple Sinai.

Associate Member


Building Fund

We also have a Building Fund that is used for improvements and replacements in our Temple.
The Fund is under the auspices of the Capital Improvement Committee.
Each member must pledge $1,500 to the Building Fund.
This pledge is fulfilled by payments of $300 in the first year,
then five equal payments of $200 in each of the following five years of Temple membership.

Online Payments: Building Fund

Building Fund


Scrip Program

The undersigned acknowledges and accepts commitment outlined below:

Single or Senior: 
A single is a member with no children living at home. Senior couples are defined as one in which at least one spouse is 65 years of age and neither spouse is employed full time. Members in this category will contribute $75.00 per fiscal year through:
1) Scrip purchases ($1,500.00)
2) Cash contribution
3) Combination of both.

Families and any member not in the single or senior couple category are in the basic category. Members in this category will contribute $150.00 per fiscal year through:
1) Scrip purchases $3,000.00)
2) Cash contribution
3) Combination of both.

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Online Payments: Scrip Program

Scrip Program