This High Holiday Season the Temple Sinai Men’s Club will again present a program instituted here and repeated around the country, designed to visually honor the memory of our loved ones. Sponsoring personalized yartzeit candles.

The Temple Sinai hall of remembrance yartzeit candles honoring those of blessed memory will be lit and on display in the lobby of Temple Sinai before people arrive for Kol Nidre service. Each yartzeit will be personalized with the names of the loved one and those honoring their memory, a loving tribute and meaningful focal point at this most important time of reflection. The Hall of Remembrance is becoming an honored tradition at Temple Sinai.

For the sake of safety, flameless led candles will be used in the glasses. 1 yartzeit $10, 2/$18. $5 each additional please print, English only, please please make checks payable to Temple Sinai Men’s Club must be received by Temple Sinai office no later than Thursday, Sept. 13th.

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